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Bidri Jewellery by Curio 38

Bathed in mud, etched in silver, and inspired by the master craftsmen of Bidar, this exquisite range of Bidri jewellery is timeless and enduring. The delicate wire inlay work on a solid pitch plate results in an aesthetic that is delicate yet formidable. We bring you a piece of history and an unbroken chain of tradition with this collection.


With urban twists to the age old Bidri artform, these Bahamani masterpieces eloquently showcase the timeless Bidri craftsmanship and upscale extravagance. Exp...

- Krsnaa Mehta

  • High Persian Tarkashi Earrings

  • Warmth of a Thousand Hugs Earr...

  • Shots of Awe Earrings

  • The Bohemian Rhapsody Earrings

  • Vines of Persia Earrings

  • Kernel of Life Necklace

  • High Bidri Charm Necklace

  • Arrows of Bidar Earrings

  • Dancing in the Rain Earrings

  • The Piscean Drama Earrings

  • High Spirit Bahamani Necklace

  • Wings of Bidar Earrings

  • The Deep Dark Sea Earrings

  • Bubble of Ancient Persia Neckl...

  • Bahamani Shooting Star Earring...

  • Medallion of Might Necklace

  • Train of the Bidri Peafowl Ear...

  • Bahamani Valley Earrings

  • Orb of Pleasures Necklace

  • Orb of Bohemia Necklace

  • Bidri Nakshatra Necklace

  • Drops of Joy Earrings

  • Coin of the Septa Necklace

  • Squares of Bahamani Earrings

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