Monochromatic Large Bamboo Fruit Bowl

Monochromatic printed, this eye catching designer fruit bowl will impress your guests and cheer you up at the table. Made of highly versatile bamboo fiber, this unusual fruit bowl can be used safely as a serving dish. It is non toxic, dishwasher safe and totally durable with equally irrestistable beauty.

Monochromatic Large Bamboo Fruit Bowl
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Our latest Spring Summer ‘17 collection is eclectic, bright, clean and crafted by the best in the industry. It is a complete reaction to the extreme ornamentation from our previous collections and represents the vibrancy of the city life and inextricable designs that comes from various parts of India with innocence more than experience. You will Love the different elements and patterns of this line that beautifully integrate together.

MaterialBamboo fibre
Dimension27.6 x 27.6 x 7.5cm
Eco friendly, Biodegradable, FDA approved, Dishwasher Safe,Durable, Non- Toxic, Hygienic.
Notes- heat resistant, Dishwasher Safe.
This is a pictorial representation of the product, the actual colour might differ slightly

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