Garden of Evanescence Bed and Table Runner

The Garden of Evanescence is a luxurious range of designer table runners and bed runners conceived at the house of India Circus. The design fosters an amalgamation of geometric proficiency and refined floral compositions. The colours used are prudent, and soothing, making this an exquisite piece of modern contemporary artistry for your boudoir or dining space. India Circus presents dining table runners and bed runners in high quality fabric, finished to perfection. Explore the entire collection of table runners and designer bed runners online and buy by price, discount, style and more.

Material : Poly Taf Silk

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With glamorous overlays and ecstatic opulence, Krsna Mehta recaptures Mughal aesthetics with exemplary rendition. The collection is inspired by rich Indian visuals and incorporates powerful contemporary elements. Urging a sense of drama and geometricity across it's range, this collection alludes symmetry and balance to ultimately create cohesive compositions.
SKU 24968 - 56" x 14" / 24969 - 94" x 14"
Material Poly Taf-Silk
Dimension 56" x 14"
94" x 14"
Care Instructions Machine Wash
Notes - This is a pictorial representation of the product, the actual colour might differ slightly

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