Explicit Orchestra Neck Pillow

Tired of travel pillows that just do not cut it? Experience the revolution in sleep on the go. Responsive memory foam and 360 head, neck support make the Explicit Orchestra range by India Circus the most comfortable travel pillows in the market. Say goodbye to sleepless flights. This travel neck pillow is an ideal choice for every new age nomad. It's convenient size makes it easy to carry around. Position this pillow behind your neck to provide support for your head and ease tension along your spine.

Explicit Orchestra Neck Pillow
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With glamorous overlays and ecstatic opulence, Krsna Mehta recaptures Mughal aesthetics with exemplary rendition. The collection is inspired by rich Indian visuals and incorporates powerful contemporary elements. Urging a sense of drama and geometricity across it's range, this collection alludes symmetry and balance to ultimately create cohesive compositions.
Notes100 % cotton fabric with poly fill
This is a pictorial representation of the product, the actual colour might differ slightly

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