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India Circus offers contemporary-chic, sophisticated, and affordable style for various areas of your life, from home décor to personal accessories. Inspired by life in India today, India Circus appropriates this rich effervescent, historic, and idiosyncratic experience into its designs. With a diverse All-Indian palette, the India Circus vision juxtaposes India’s decadent royal past with her modern urban-scape and even local handicrafts, and so much more, to offer a refreshingly distinct and vibrant aesthetic.

With two successful decades of experience as an award-winning artist and designer, Krsna Mehta embarks on his first entrepreneurial venture with India Circus. Remaining committed to design, Mehta and his India Circus studio create all of India Circus’ characteristic prints and patterns. Currently commissioning its own manufacturing as well, India Circus dedicates itself to bring clients affordable luxury without ever compromising on pristine and impeccable quality.

Based in Mumbai, India, India Circus manages its own brand online, from its namesake website (, and currently delivers its products within India and worldwide. India Circus has already established successful partnerships with various domestic retail giants, including @home and Westside department stores in India, which feature select product ranges. India Circus will also launch its very first flagship store, in Mumbai later this year. The brand has also further fortified a global presence by partnering with various retail stores overseas, including Comme un Monde in Paris, France, and Urban-Yogi in Dubai, UAE., among many others. India Circus also boasts incredibly successful partnerships with renowned online retailers across the globe, including Europe’s, and India Circus’ complete product range is only available online at
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