Green Orchid Champagne Glass

Champagne is for when you are feeling ecstatic and celebrating. This range of flute glasses is exceedingly convivial, and knows how to behave, whether the occasion is a rip-roaring jamboree or an intimate tete-a-tete. India Circus presents the Green Orchid line of champagne flute glasses to elevate your party appeal. The built on this champagne glass set is slender and the flute shape showcases the fizz bubble elegantly. The stem allows the drinker to hold the glass without affecting the temperature of the drink. Explore more champagne glass sets and flute glasses at India Circus.

Material : Glass
Capacity : 160 ml each
Note : Not Microwavable.
Rs.419.00 Rs.699.00
(40% off)

Expected Delivery : 5-7 working days

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With glamorous overlays and ecstatic opulence, Krsna Mehta recaptures Mughal aesthetics with exemplary rendition. The collection is inspired by rich Indian visuals and incorporates powerful contemporary elements. Urging a sense of drama and geometricity across it's range, this collection alludes symmetry and balance to ultimately create cohesive compositions.
Dimension2.36 inch top dial x 7.87 inch height
Hand Wash
Use Mild detergents. Do not use abrasive or harsh cleaning agent.
Dry with soft dish cloth or sponge
This is a pictorial representation of the product, the actual colour might differ slightly

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