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Inject designer style into your repertoire with the multifarious range of Jewellery by India Circus. Our collections demonstrate immaculate craftsmanship and attention to detail, and are highly sought after in today’s fashion scene. The designs are bold, suave, and promise an ultra modern finish to your ensemble.


India Circus offers jewels that are a seamless cushion of expert craftsmanship and intimate exclusivity. Discover our collection today.

- Krsnaa Mehta

  • Stone of Desire Necklace

  • Stones of Seduction Necklace

  • Entrancing Beads Necklace

  • Sunshine Pearl Necklace

  • Orb of Winter Necklace

  • The Cliff hanger Necklace

  • Enchained Statement Necklace

  • Starry Dips Earrings

  • Squares of Panache Earrings

  • Trigons of Charisma Earrings

  • Medallion of Might Necklace

  • Shots of Awe Earrings

  • Train of the Bidri Peafowl Ear...

  • Wings of Bidar Earrings

  • Orb of Bohemia Necklace

  • Bubble of Ancient Persia Neckl...

  • Dancing in the Rain Earrings

  • Bahamani Shooting Star Earring...

  • High Persian Tarkashi Earrings

  • High Bidri Charm Necklace

  • Coin of the Septa Necklace

  • The Bohemian Rhapsody Earrings

  • Vines of Persia Earrings

  • Bahamani Valley Earrings

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