Monochrome Monologues Canvas Mounted Wall Art

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Monochrome Monologues Canvas Mounted Wall Art

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Some people tend to believe that life is all black and white with no hues of grey Well, the Monocrome Monologues wall art will surely make them to think differently. A design that is symbolic of something much more that it depicts, this particular piece of work is extremely unique and beautiful to say the least. What is more, an array of bold hues brighten and further intensify this marvelous piece.
SKU 16 x 16 - 20648 / 14 x 19 - 20688 / 20 x 20 - 20728 / 22 x 22 -
Dimension 16" x 16"
14" x 19"
20" x 20"
22" x 22"
34" x 34"
Care Instructions Wipe with a Dry Cloth
Note :This is a pictorial representation of the product, the actual colour might differ slightly

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