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Warli Village Fashion Ties-Pocket Squares-Cufflinks Gift Set


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About This Product

This exciting gift set brings alive one of the most beautiful and traditional arts of India – Warli painting! Wear the different accessories that are there in this gift set, and get ready for all the compliments!

About The Collection

This fall, we’ve got new designs to dazzle and get yourself into the holiday spirit this festive season. Our inspiration of designs is inextricable and comes from various parts of India. Luxuriate yourself with our latest and greatest inspirations of designs such as our Mughal, jaali and chevron designs, our pichwai, kangara, madhubani and intricate mughal designs, our latest mosaic of iconic images and finally our traditional warli and buti inspired stunning prints.

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Product Specifications

Code 17527
Material Ties - Satin
Pocket square - Satin
Square Cufflinks - Nickel Plating on Brass
Dimension Ties - 60"x3.5"
Pocket square - 12"x12"
Square Cufflinks - 1"x1"
Care Instructions Needs Love
- This is a pictorial representation of the product, the actual colour might differ slightly
Units 1

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